Better Than Yesterday

About Us

Prepped & Ready is a meal prep service that focuses on providing delicious, macro-based meals at an affordable price, as well as teaching people how to live a balanced life through a positive relationship with food. Our goal is to spread awareness of eating disorders and help paint a picture of realistic fitness goals and body expectations through complete company transparency. Our goal is to inspire individuals to live a life based on our company motto: Better Than Yesterday.

Our Team

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Cody Estep

Lead Photographer

Cody is the genius behind the camera that makes all of our meals look as delicious as they are. He has been with us since day one and is a pivotal part of out team.

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Tyler Larson

Delivery & Prep Manager

Tyler has been with the team since early 2021 and has quickly become a key member. Tyler handles almost all of deliveries as well as food prep. He's the first and last person to touch our product to make sure the quality and service is up to par.

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Javier Malone

Kitchen Assistant

Javier is the newest member of our team and is already becoming a crucial part of our company. You can find him in the kitchen on cook days assisting with packaging, labeling and cooking to ensure we are sending out a consistently delicious product.

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Nicole Tran

Kitchen Assistant

Nicole has been with our team for a few months and is already proving to be an essential part of it. She ensures that everyone's orders are labeled, named and packaged correctly. She has a tremendous attention to detail which makes sure our customers have a consistently delicious experience.

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Brendan Lazaroff

Lead Videographer & Social Media Director

Brendan handles all the social media for our company as well as any sick promo videos you see. He has a true passion and skill for video and content creation.